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Kasey @ Zappos
This isn’t far from my usual expression :)
(on the Zappos HQ tour in Las Vegas)


Email or Twitter are always at my fingertips, and you can find me on LinkedIn as well.


A little bit about me:

  • I LOVE marketing, numbers, and making customers happy, making my work the perfect mix
  • You’ll most often find me smiling (to quote Elf, “smiling’s my favourite”)
  • I’m a two time CPA Practice Advisor Top 40 Under 40 award winner (2011 & 2012)
  • While we’re talking awards, I was also one of AccountingToday’s Top 100 People Ones to Watch in 2011 & 2012
  • And… Social Media Award winner from K2 Enterprises in 2012
  • The R. stands for Robin
  • I love to run (even though I’m sloooow, with my 5th (!)¬†half marathon under my belt :))
  • Dance-running is a more apt description. No shame (and it’s way more fun)
  • I describe myself as a nerd for sure, but “not the cool kind” (history/numbers/tech – a fun mix)
  • I love what I do: Customer Communications with the awesome crew at Olark
  • I love to tweet (follow me! I’m @kaseybayne)


Here’s a slightly more professional picture:


(by the one & only Randy Pante: photographer, friend, and kick-ass dancer to boot)

And of course, all opinions here are just mine (unless otherwise stated). Thanks for reading!

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