It’s the little things

A friend and I got to talking the other day about things we do to make life better – to keep improving, and to be happy. In only a couple of minutes, I had quite a few of those little things I’ve learned about myself that just make my life happier:

– Surround myself with amazing people. They say that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, and I definitely agree with that. Have people in your life that you trust, can learn from, and have fun with. Life is too short to not have a great community around you.


– Know what makes you happy, and do those things. Not just the big things (career, work), but little things make a huge difference in making life better, especially when I’m super stressed or busy. From buying the good ice cream (worth it) to morning living room dance parties (no surprise here) – a little bit of happiness goes a long way.


– Challenge myself. Recently, this has been running – pushing myself, taking on challenges, and doing things I enjoy (even if they don’t come naturally). The benefits of this are far beyond the actual runs, and it feels good to do something outside of my comfort zone. Working hard, learning new things, and seeing it all come together – there’s no feeling like that.


– Keep learning. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Read a LOT. Keep a tab open so I can double-check definitions or spelling (this is a small one, but a good one, especially if you write a lot). Ditto for wikipedia.


There you have it. A few of my little (but important) things – what are yours?

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