Let’s work together!

Working in marketing for over 12 years, I’m excited to be working with clients to help grow their businesses in a variety of ways. Connect with me at to start a conversation on how we can work together!

HubSpot & Marketing Automation

* Setting up your HubSpot account
* Marketing automation best practices
* Customer experience
* Website and blog set-up with tracking
* Email marketing and automation

Accounting Technology

* Marketing to accountants and CPAs
* Understanding the accounting firm buying process
* Breaking into a new industry
* Standing out in a competitive market (even with a small budget)
* Connecting with influencers and growing sales

Small Business & Startup Marketing

* Getting started with your Marketing Plan
* Customer profile, journey, and experience
* Lead tracking and setting up your sales plan
* Breaking into a new industry and brand awareness

Think I might be able to help? Have a tricky problem that could use some experienced advice? Send me a note at and let’s talk!