What I’m reading

Nothing better than a relaxing morning at home with a huge cup of coffee, reading and getting stuff done. Today’s reading is all about goal setting, reflecting, and new year’s resolutions. If that’s your cup of tea, or your feeling inspired as 2010 ends in only a few hours, check out these links: 11 Weird Things To Do In 2011 – I’m a huge personal finance geek. I’ve been reading Dave Ramsey for awhile now, and while I don’t necessarily agree with everything 100% (who does, really), he has some good points and great stories to keep you focused. “When […]

Things to do…

One of my goals for this year, as I’m sure so many others say, is to get my site up and running with something of value, or at least, as something that I enjoy working on. Here’s my to do list (because I am a big fan of lists): – figure out how to change the header – bookmark the admin panel so I have no excuse not to update more often (done ;) ) – not be afraid to get something perfect, but more important to get thoughts out there, and get a chance to comment on some things […]