What I’ve been up to

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve moved to the west coast (evidently, I’ve been keeping busy! :) ) Now that I’m settled in, here’s a few of the posts I’ve been doing at Kashoo. Check ’em out! Switching From Cash Basis to Accrual Basis Accounting on LinkedIn Pulse How to Quit Your Day Job and Go Your Own Way on the Kashoo blog 5 Tips for Small Business Financial Health, one more on the Kashoo blog    

I live here now.

I live here now:   That’s right – this Torontonian has made the move to the West Coast – Hello, Vancouver!   When I started with Kashoo (almost two years ago now!), I got to get to know Vancouver – the fresh air, mountains, beaches, and SO much good food! As time has gone on, my bicoastal life has definitely been fun, but I’m happy to say goodbye to long hotel stays and a few less 5 hour flights with my new home. With this move comes some other exciting news – I’ve taken on a newly expanded role as […]

Business Travel Tips and Tricks [a post from the Kashoo blog]

It’s been awhile! My latest post on the Kashoo blog helps to explain why. As part of my role at Kashoo, I travel — a lot. I meet with customers, I speak at conferences, I do product demos. In fact, there’s a good chance I’ve met you! (Yes you!) And to the disbelief of my friends and family, I do not fly first class, personal assistant in tow. Instead, I’ve mastered the road warrior ways with a few trusted business travel tips and tricks that can help any small business owner stay sane. To read more, check it out here… […]

Kashoo Survives SXSW

Check out my latest post on the Kashoo blog: Earlier this month, we (along with thousands of other tech entusiasts) descended upon Austin, Texas for SXSW. Representing Kashoo and all things small business accounting software, Kasey and Chris met countless interesting people, sampled some delicious food, and even managed to come back with a few takeaways that we think will get any small business owner pumped to go out there and get theirs… Be the Company You Want to Keep One of Kasey’s favourite sessions was Age of Damage: Be the Company You Want to Keep, led by David Jones. […]

I <3 my customers

If you know me (or perhaps, even if you don’t), you know that I love my customers. They make me so happy, and really make it a joy to come into work at Kashoo every day. Since I get to work with such awesome people (there are very few exceptions, and for that I’m very lucky), there’s nothing better than what I get to do to make our customers even happier! A few months back at IC Opportunities in Chicago, this topic came up amongst this amazing group of thought leaders. The discussion moved to the fact that we all […]