A New Adventure

You know those “night before the first day of school” jitters? Yup, that was me last night. A little bit nervous, but excited, and couldn’t wait for morning to come. With new office supplies and my first day outfit laid out, I was ready to go. Why was that, you might ask? Well…

Today I started on a new adventure. I’m proud to be an official part of the Olark team today, working on Customer Communications with this awesome team. Making happier customers is my greatest passion, and working with the team at Olark, we’re dedicated to doing just that!

After many years in the accounting community, I’m taking my love of tech and helping businesses to a new world. I’ve spent the last 7+ years here – a group that has welcomed me with such open arms, taught me so much, and where I’ve made many amazing friendships. While I’ll miss the tax season excitement and #pstech parties, I’ve still got some finance nerd in my blood!


What I will forever remember as one of the most fun days I've ever had!
It’s a CPA parrrrrtaaaay!


To Jody, Jason, Tom, Marie, Kim, Brian (and Brian), Catherine, Craig, Jennifer, Kerri, Misty, Doug, Alan, both Gregs, Elaine, Joel, Gary, Seth, Danielle, Isaac, Michelle, and so many more – I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of you. Thank you for your wisdom, support, and friendship (don’t be a stranger! I like you all too much!).

With that, I’m excited for a new challenge – new tech, new team, and new problems to solve. There are some incredible things happening at Olark HQ, and I’m excited to be a part of it! Here’s to new adventures!

P.S. Keep in touch! I’m kasey@olark.com for Olarky goodness (and as always, kasey.bayne@gmail.com).

4 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. Congrats Kasey and thanks so much for the shout out! Your smiling face as we begun to navigate our way around the accounting conference circuit in Xero’s early days here made it so much easier :) We’ll cross paths again soon.

  2. Wowie! Congrats on the new adventure – it takes guts and passion to make a jump like that (stuff you have in loads). I will miss you immensely at the regular conferences, and will prob keep looking for your face nearby the inflatable pig. Live it up, I’ve heard such fantastic things about Olark, and one thing is for sure; they hit the jackpot hiring you.

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