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My colleague, marketing inspiration, and perhaps even friend (I will have to ask, haha)(eta – I checked, friendship confirmed :)), Saul Colt┬áposted these three questions from Jelly Helm recently.

This post has come for me at a good time – a time where I’m realizing how important it is to sit down and really think about who I am, and what makes me happy. It’s so easy to go through things, day-to-day, and before you know it, months have passed and you’re still in the same spot. Discovering what I love to do, what I need to be happy (being healthy & having quiet time are my recent realizations) – these are the discoveries that are going to make my life better for me.

Without further ado, the three questions (with my answers). Will these change in a year? Perhaps, but it’s exciting to think about.

1-What do I love?

I love being up against a challenge. I love taking on something new, scary, un-attempted, and seemingly impossible – working hard on the plan, the strategy to succeed, and putting my all into making things happen.

2-What do I see that no one else does?

I see an opportunity to smile. Actually, bigger than that – I see opportunity. Not in the cheesy, negative way, but in a more optimistic way. In every situation, there are options. To make the best of the situation by making the best choice, whatever that may be – I see opportunity.

3- What do I do?

I do things, I get stuff done. I don’t sit around talking about making stuff happen, I make things happen. This has been an especially important realization for me. Knowing that the actions, the results, the lessons learned (through success, or failure), are what make me happy are important to remember as I make choices for the future.

And there you go. My 3 questions for 2011. Definitely a good exercise, and always good to take some time to reflect, plan, and focus.

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